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BrightSpec Presentations at Pittcon on MRR Industrial and Pharmaceutical Reaction Monitoring Applications

Charlottesville, VA–February 20, 2019– At the upcoming Pittcon conference in Philadelphia, March 17-21, BrightSpec scientists Justin Neill and Alex Mikhonin will give the following presentations: Monday March 18, Specialty Gas Session, 9:30-9:50 am, session 320-4, Room 121C: “Direct Analysis of Trace Impurities Using Ultra-High Resolution MRR Spectroscopy”   Tuesday, March 19, SAS Symposium on Current and Emerging… | Read article >>

The Analytical Scientist features MRR 

see MRR on the Up Could chiral tagging be the springboard for molecular rotational resonance spectroscopy’s rise to fame? We spoke to Justin Neill, Chief Technology Officer at BrightSpec – the company hoping to bring MRR into the spotlight. Frank van Geel, Joanna Cummings in The Analytical Scientist 18 Dec 2018

BrightSpec at SCIX in Atlanta (video)

ATLANTA– October 23, 2018__Justin Neill, CTO of BrightSpec, describes using MRR for enantiomer, diastereomer and regioisomer characterisation at the SCIX conference in Atlanta. see: