BrightSpec, Inc. to Acquire Substantial Assets of BioTools, Inc.

Charlottesville, Virginia—March 15, 2019—BrightSpec, Inc., a privately held life science instrumentation company, announced today that it entered into a letter of intent to purchase substantial assets from BioTools, Inc. (Jupiter, Florida) including the portions of its business related to the Vibrational Circular Dichroism spectrometer, the Raman Optical Activity spectrometer, and the FT-IR protein analyzer. Dr. Rina Dukor, BioTools founder and current President, will become President of BrightSpec. Emeritus Distinguished Professor Laurence A. Nafie, BioTools chief scientist and recent winner of the 2019 Chirality Medal, will chair the BrightSpec Scientific Advisory Board. The transaction is scheduled to close in April 2019.

Robert Lloyd, BrightSpec CEO stated: “During our collaboration with BioTools during the last year and a half, our team identified significant opportunities to improve the speed and accuracy of our customers’ molecular structure and impurities analysis by leveraging our combined product lines and analytical services as customers want easy-to-adopt innovation that speeds the structure and impurities analysis for new compounds, or for process changes to the production of existing compounds.”

Rina Dukor stated, “BrightSpec’s molecular rotational resonance (MRR) spectroscopy combined with BioTools’ VCD and ROA product lines will improve our ability to solve problems our customers encounter in chemical structure analysis and impurity quantification. I am thrilled our collaboration will result in the combination of the two companies.”

About BrightSpec, Inc.

BrightSpec is focused on growth through the commercialization of innovative products and technologies for the analysis of pharmaceutical and high value chemical compounds that affect human health and well-being. BrightSpec holds patented intellectual property that enabled the commercialization of MRR spectroscopy.

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