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 New IsoMRR

Introduced in field trials completed in early 2018, the BrightSpec Discovery MRR Diastereomer/Enantiomer Analyzer is for chiral and diastereomer process monitoring.  It uses a Fabry-Perot cavity for enhanced sensitivity in targeted monitoring. Sample introduction is directly from a continuous synthesis manufacturing process, without prior sample preconditioning, drying or separation.

  • Diastereomer and enantiomer quantification in 18 minute cycle times.
  • No sample prep required–direct, in-the-mixture monitoring
  • Chiral reaction process monitoring
  • Uses Argon or neon as a carrier gas

TraceMRR – MRR High Throughput Sample Analyzer

The BrightSpec One MRR characterizes the chemical composition of complex mixtures.  It rapidly delivers identification and quantitation, without the need for purification or separation. “Dirty” liquids, headspace samples, solids, and gas mixtures are volatilized using the BrightSpec HSM3 head space module, and introduced directly into the integrated sample cell.  With high specificity and dynamic range, MRR identifies trace level sample components without risk of matrix interference.  There are several sampling accessories for gas sampling, headspace analysis, thermal evolution of solids, and direct volatilization of liquids. (Again, no GC step is needed). Integration with an optional CTC-PAL3 autosampler enables walk-away operation and high sample throughput rates.

  • High selectivity: ID muliple components in complex matrices
  • High dynamic range: Resolve trace components in complex matrices
  • Baseline resolution: Simple pattern matching for chemical ID
  • High specificity: Low false positive ID rates
  • Quantitative: Band intensity directly proportional to abundance
  • Rapid data acquisition rates: Minutes for full spectrum to seconds for specific bands.
  • Top pharmaceutical applications:
    • Residual Solvent Analysis (USP <467>)
    • Mutagenic Impurities (ICH-M7)
    • Water Analysis (USP <921>)
    • Ethylene Oxide (USP <228>)