Apps — Deuterated and Isotope Substituted Solvent Purity

Deuterated and Isotope-Substituted Solvent Purity

BrightSpec opens new era in isotope solvent purity analysis:

  • Quantitative site-specific deuteration and isotope data in minutes
  • Sub-ppm to low-ppm detection limits for most common solvents
  • Resolves isotopomers (positional isomers)
  • Resolves natural abundance isotopes


  • One instrument
  • “Out of the box” ready
  • Ready-to-go isotope library
  • Drop down menu of methods
  • Sample in, answer out

Improve confidence in your isotope-substituted solvents for your site-specific isotope synthesis or NMR analysis

No Fuss

As always,

  • No separation
  • No reference sample
  • No chemometrics
  • No matrix interference

Just rapid results