The BrightSpec Advantage

BrightSpec FT-MRR (Fourier Transform-Molecular Rotational Resonance) spectrometers directly identify different components in a complex chemical mixture, with no chromatographic separation stage needed. Near-zero matrix interference and precise fingerprinting provide unparalleled molecular specificity. With direct sampling in vacuum, the approach is an efficient, green-chemistry alternative to existing techniques of chemical composition and structural analysis. In addition, the low sample vapor pressures (1-5 mTorr) required to obtain baseline resolved spectra provide a low impact, room temperature approach to sample handling. BrightSpec FT-MRR spectrometers offer greatly shortened method development times, high sample specificity and throughput, identification and quantitation of trace components, and greatly reduced use of consumables.

FT-MRR Spectrometers

BrightSpec offers the first commercially available and easy-to-use FT-MRR spectrometers for sensitive, quantitative measurements and structural analysis of diastereomers and enantiomers. BrightSpec instruments can be delivered in either a broadband or targeted configuration.  For fundamental and applied research applications, the broadband instrument configuration provides the greatest flexibility for analysis of chemical samples that will be change frequently.  For recurring or continuous analyses of known analytes, the targeted instrument configuration provides a high resolution analysis with excellent method transfer from R&D, to QA/QC, to continuous synthesis applications.  The FT-MRR technique provides faster chemical analysis insights for new product R&D and process development scientists.

New Discovery Targeted Diastereomer/Enantiomer Analyzer

Introduced in initial field trials in July 2017, the BrightSpec Discovery FT-MRR Diastereomer/Enantiomer Analyzer is for chiral and diastereomer process monitoring.  It uses a Fabry-Perot cavity for enhanced sensitivity in targeted monitoring.cavity-targeted-rendering-2106-09-12 Sample introduction, as currently tested, is drawn directly from a continuous synthesis manufacturing prototype without prior sample preconditioning, drying or separation.

      • Diastereomer and enantiomer quantification in 15 minute cycles times
      • Absolute configuration
      • Chiral process monitoring
      • Neon carrier gas

BrightSpec One – FT-MRR High Throughput Sample Analyzer


The BrightSpec One FT-MRR characterizes the chemical composition of complex mixtures.  It rapidly delivers identification and quantitation, without the need for preparatory purification or separation. “Dirty” liquids, headspace samples, solids, and gas mixtures are volatilized using the BrightSpec HSM3 head space module and are introduced directly into the integrated sample cell. With the attributes of high specificity, high dynamic range, and baseline resolution, FT-MRR identifies sample components with almost absolute specificity before standard calibration, even for trace level components.  Available sampling accessories add to the base capability of gas sampling, enabling headspace analysis, thermal evolution of solids, and direct volatilization of liquids. Integration with an optional CTC-PAL3 autosampler ensures unattended operation to maximize sample throughput.

      • High selectivity: ID muliple components in complex matrices
      • High dynamic range: Resolve trace components in complex matrices
      • Baseline resolution: Simple pattern matching for chemical ID
      • High specificity: Low false positive ID rates
      • Quantitative: Band intensity directly proportional to abundance
      • Rapid data acquisition rates: Minutes for full spectrum to seconds for specific bands.
      • Top pharmaceutical applications:
        1. Residual Solvent Analysis (USP <467>)
        2. Mutagenic Impurities (ICH-M7)
        3. Water Analysis (USP <921>)
        4. Ethylene Oxide (USP <228>)

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New K-Band BrightSpec Discovery MRR for Education & Research

New in 2017, the BrightSpec Discovery K-Band (18 -26.5 GHz) spectrometer is designed for both fundamental research and educational applications. The reconfigurable Discovery form factor allows customers to integrate custom sample chambers, including pulsed and CW jet flows, for studies of complexes and transient species. The instrument is operated by a laptop computer, and includes BrightSpec Edgar software for experiment setup, data visualization and processing, and spectral library comparison. The instrument usability, capabilities, and cost make it suitable for incorporation into undergraduate teaching curricula.

      • For academic research and undergraduate teaching laboratories
      • 18 -26.5 GHz frequency coverage
      • Easily reconfigured for different sample chamber designs
      •  Four marker channel outputs for synchronization to external devices
      •  Targeted and segmented chirped-pulse acquisition modes
      •  Advanced pulse sequences, including double resonance and echoes (in development)
      •  Expandable spectral library—for experiment data and simulations
      •  Automated composition analysis software for quantitative mixture analysis
      •  Standard 110/220 volt power

W Band BrightSpec Discovery – FT-MRR for Fundamental Research

r-seriesBrightSpec Discovery incorporates the same spectroscopic engine as BrightSpec One. The difference is in its form factor, with Discovery employing a modular design for increased experimental flexibility. It operates in identical fashion to the BrightSpec One, but can be combined with and networked to other analytical systems. This thoughtful approach to customization enables fundamental and applied research groups to quickly generate insights on complex processes.

      • Shares the fundamental attributes of BrightSpec One
          Broad analytical capabilities
      • Removable sample chamber
          Easy integration of custom sample cells
      • Interchangeable excitation source
          Limited frequency flexibility
      • Direct signal access for broadband monitoring and digitization
          Implement complex custom data collection sequences
      • Full integration with Edgar data collection and analysis software suite
          Maintains ease of use

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BrightSpec Chiral Broadband – FT-MRR for Chiral Characterization

BrightSpec Chiral Broadband is an FT-MRR platform used to differentiate diastereomers in mixtures without preparatory purification or separation. With the addition of the optional 3-Wave Mixing technology, enantiomeric excess may be determined. Operating in the microwave frequency range, and using pulsed jet nozzles to prepare rotationally cooled samples, this alternative to chromatography offers a combination of high-resolution, spectrally specific analyses for chiral characterization.

      • Spectra relate directly to structure
          Bond angle
          Bond lengths
      • High specificity
          Easily distinguish between conformers
      • Can analyze complex mixtures
          No need for pure samples
      • Chiral analysis
      • With addition of 3-Wave mixing technology
          Enantiomeric excess

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