The BrightSpec FT-MRR Spectrometer platform

BrightSpec offers powerful new analytical chemistry instrumentation for complex chemical analysis, without the need for chromatography. The advantage is superior selectivity, sensitivity and cycle time. The result is faster insights and improved R&D throughput. For analytical, process and medicinal chemists in small pharmaceutical small molecule drug development, process R&D, and chiral analysis groups, the BrightSpec FT-MRR broadband and targeted instruments offer greatly shortened method development times, high spectral resolution, fewer consumables, and greater ease of use.

The BrightSpec Advantage

BrightSpec FT-MRR broadband and targeted spectrometers provide sensitive, quantitative measurements. The highly unique rotational spectra of polar molecules facilitate mixture analysis without chromatographic separation. Low matrix interference and precise identification are due to the technique’s unparalleled specificity. Direct sampling of analytes makes usage easy and requires no special training. BrightSpec FT-MRR spectrometers utilize millimeter and microwave sources and detectors to advance classical rotational spectroscopy into the digital age.

Residual Impurities Analyzer

The FT-MRR Residual Impurities analyzer is for fast, quantitative process analysis. Without any chromatography, the analyzer accomplishes a chemically selective, quantitative result that is automatically generated, without the need for user interpretation. One instrument can be used to monitor a wide range of solvents and other impurities, with the subset chosen and modified through the Edgar software interface. The instrument is adaptable for in-line drying analysis and includes a headspace sampling module for bench top analysis.

  • No separation required—no chromatography
  • No spectral overlap—high resolution
  • Fast cycle times and throughput, no deconvolution or chemometrics
  • Fast method development turnaround time for new mixtures
  • No carrier gases or cryogens

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BrightSpec Discovery Series FT-MRR Spectrometer

The BrightSpec Discovery spectrometer is designed to enable fundamental and applied research groups in academic and federal research facilities to quickly generate insights on complex processes within chemical mixtures. The Discovery system is designed as a standalone instrument that can also be combined and networked with other analytical systems.

  • Reconfigurable for different sample chamber designs
  • Easy to integrate different molecular excitation sources
  • Provides direct signal access for broadband monitoring and digitization capabilities
  • Full integration with Edgar software suite for instrument control, experiment design, reporting and spectral library management.

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Chiral Analysis

The Chiral-ONE FT-MRR spectrometer is a complete solution to the analysis of chiral molecules in the 150-500 amu molecular mass range without purification or chromatography. The combination of the high-resolution, spectrally specific chirped-pulse Fourier transform technique and a patented three-wave mixing technique for chiral resolution makes FT-MRR a powerful solution for chiral analysis.


  • Direct diastereomer, isomer, and isotopologue quantification in complex mixtures
  • Resolution and identification of impurities
  • Enantiomeric excess for every component, directly in the mixture
  • No matrix interference in all measurement modes

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