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Consumer Goods Applications

Structural analysis with MRR is a powerful tool for consumer goods development, safety testing, and authenticity.

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Flavors and Fragrances

Molecular analysis with MRR helps to generate novel insights for flavors and fragrances including those driven by isomerism and stereochemistry, and even when no pure reference standards are available.

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Essential Oils

Complex mixtures present unique challenges when determining molecular structure.  MRR provides a unique solution for essential oils and natural products, by eliminating the need for chromatography.

Volatile Residuals

Volatile Residuals

MRR can be used to rapidly identify and quantify volatile residuals in consumer products including challenging residuals like ethylene oxide.

Consumer Goods Resources

Learn more about how MRR is impacting the development of consumer goods by providing novel insight into product composition and authenticity.

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Chiral analysis of linalool, an important natural fragrance and flavor compound by MRR

Learn how MRR can characterize the chiral composition of important fragrance compounds in essential oils.

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Essential Oil Composition and Enantioselective Profile of Mint Species from Utah

Learn how MRR characterizes chiral components of essential oils without enantiopure standards.

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Everyday Authenticity: A Novel Approach to Tea Tree Oil Characterization

Learn how MRR can be used to validate product authenticity and improve product quality.

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Unveiling Sesquiterpenes: Characterizing Isomers with MRR Spectroscopy

Learn MRR can characterize the stereoisomers of sesquiterpenes without the need for reference samples.


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