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Pharmaceutical Applications

Simplifying the pharmaceutical development process by providing detailed molecular information in an easy-to-use scalable workflow.

Volatile Residuals

Volatile Residuals

Rapidly identify and quantify volatile residuals in pharmaceutical substances including challenging solvents and water soluble acids.

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Reaction Optimization

Synthesis Optimization

MRR provides a unique tool for optimizing pharmaceutical and chemical synthesis processes.

Structure Determination

Structure Determination

MRR easily identifies the configuration of molecules (stereo- and structural isomers), even in cases where NMR struggles for a routine solution.

Deuterated Compounds

Deuterated Compounds

MRR enables the routine detection of any isotopic label with unparalleled site-specific identification without the need for any  specialty solvents.

Pharmaceutical Resources

MRR provides a powerful tool for developing and optimizing small molecule pharmaceuticals.  Learn how structural analysis with MRR can improve your process.

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Online Stereochemical Process Monitoring by Molecular Rotational Resonance Spectroscopy

MRR unambiguously identifies and quantifies isomers, isotopologues and enantiomers without hyphenation.

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Direct regioisomer analysis of crude reaction mixtures via MRR spectroscopy

Learn how MRR can be used to directly measure reactions for highly similar molecules without purification.

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Copper-Catalyzed Transfer Hydrodeuteration of Aryl Alkenes with Quantitative Isotopomer Purity

Learn how MRR provides site-specific isotopic composition of reaction products.

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Application of Molecular Rotational Resonance Spectroscopy in Drug Development

Built-in response factors for isomer, chiral and isotope applications without chromatography or standards.


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