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Broadband Investigative Spectrometer

FT-MRR spectrometers are a high-performance, research-grade product that provide the widest range of capabilities for exploring chemical composition, structure and dynamics through time resolved spectroscopy techniques. These instruments have the best full band mode sensitivity and have all the capabilities of the pulse modulated spectrometers. They are ideal for automated library matching analysis in unpredictable sample matrices and for characterizing unassigned lines with no library match.

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BrightSpec Discovery K-Band FT-MRR Spectrometer


The BrightSpec Discovery K-Band (18 – 26.5 GHz) spectrometer is designed for both fundamental research and educational applications. The reconfigurable form factor allows customers to integrate custom sample chambers, including pulsed and CW jet flows, for studies of complexes and transient species. The instrument can be operated by standard configuration laptop or desktop computers, and includes BrightSpec Edgar software for experiment setup, data visualization and processing, and spectral library comparison. The instrument usability, capabilities, and cost make it suitable for incorporation into undergraduate teaching curricula.

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BrightSpec Targeted SensorsTargeted Monitoring Spectrometer

The pulse modulated FT-MRR spectrometers are high-performance satellite instruments that execute protocols which optimize sensitivity to a customized suite of chemicals. The pulse modulated instruments are reprogrammable, multi-species gas sensors for monitoring known analytes.

As for the detailed Edgar screens for:  Composition, Nutation, Targeted

edgar-targeted-capture edgar-capture-nutation edgar-capture-composition

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Chiral Spectrometer

BrightSpec microwave spectrometers may be custom-designed for researchers and are well suited to measure rotational spectra of compounds between 150 – 400 amu, which are not favorable for other BrightSpec solutions. These instruments have been the primary means for physical chemists to study molecular structure of gas phase molecules. These specialized instruments operate at near 0 Kelvin by implementing an adiabatic expansion process by a pulsed jet. The cooling infrastructure contributes to a larger footprint setting it apart from benchtop analytics.

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