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The Horizon Platform

The Horizon platform from BrightSpec is the first rotational spectroscopy instrument designed for analytical chemists.

We're developing this platform in conjunction with industry leaders.  Get in touch to join our Beta Testing Program and see your samples on Horizon.


Horizon Front View No Background

Chemical Analysis

The Horizon platform provides a simple, easy to use and scalable analytical workflow for quantifying volatile organic compounds and residuals in pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and consumer goods.  The automated and integrated approach dramatically simplifies method development and reduces analysis times compared to chromatography-based systems.  The platform is complemented by a library of reference spectra which unambiguously identify residuals based on their molecular structure.


Structure Determination

Molecular rotational spectroscopy is a unique and truly orthogonal method for the unambiguous determination of molecular structures and configurations in the gas phase.  The Horizon platform can be used to confirm structures and create libraries of molecular signatures.  These unique spectral fingerprints can then be used to identify and quantify those compounds in complex samples.


BrightSpec Product Portfolio

BrightSpec develops and commercializes a suite of products for rotational spectroscopy including custom solutions, educational tools and analytical software.


Broadband Platform

The Broadband platform represents the cutting end in structure determination via MRR.


K-Band Platform

Versatile and benchtop, the K-Band platform is a compact tool for research and education.

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Software Solutions

Integrated and automated tools for quantum chemistry, spectral fitting as well as compounds libraries.

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