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Webinar: Application of MRR Spectroscopy in Drug Development


Check out our webinar on the application of Multivariate Response Regression (MRR) in drug development, where Ted K. Chen, PhD explores its pivotal role in navigating the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry. Join us as we unveil how MRR can revolutionize control strategy development, ensuring compliance with FDA regulations and accelerating the drug development life cycle.

Key Regulatory Insights:

  • FDA regulations dictate strict limits on individual impurities in drug substance manufacture.
  • Understanding the chemical synthetic process is crucial for developing robust control strategies.
  • Compliance with ICHM7 guidelines is essential, particularly for impurities with structural alerts for potential genotoxicity.

    Download our webinar using the form below and see GSK present how structural analysis with MRR simplifies chemical analysis during pharmaceutical development.


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Ted K. Chen, PhD


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